Welcome, Merrington Design is a Product Design Consultancy specialising in the creation of high quality products. Product and Industrial Design can be loosely be defined as where Art and design meets mechanical engineering. Merrington design was founded in 2000 creates product design that's tailor made for companies, entrepreneurs and brand owners interested in selling design that shouts out joy, abundance, positive energy, passion, enthusiasm, compassion, ease of use, and wonderful experiences.
Client: Bridgeconnect.eu, UK. Project: Structural Packaging Design for a range of High Quality Interconnects. Featuring over 145 artworks and clam shell packs for interconnects used with Audio Visual, Home Theatre, HDMI, 3DTV, LCD, Plasma, PC & MAC products.
Process: Bridge Connect was introduced to Europe in 2009. We begun by understanding what the client wanted and how they wanted to position the brand. Working on a principle of Good, Better, Best - we developed three product tiers of value: Premium (good), Elite (better) and Reference (best) the ultimate interconnects.
Results: Designed over one year this complex task featured many different specifications and lengths. Merrington created a differentiation stragegy using colour, elements and tiers of connotations to visually position the products for easy sales and consumer selection. The range is selling very well in Europe with some new models being added like 3DTV.
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