Welcome, Merrington Design is a Product Design Consultancy specialising in the creation of high quality products. Product and Industrial Design can be loosely be defined as where Art and design meets mechanical engineering. Merrington design was founded in 2000 creates product design that's tailor made for companies, entrepreneurs and brand owners interested in selling design that shouts out joy, abundance, positive energy, passion, enthusiasm, compassion, ease of use, and wonderful experiences.
Client: Lyngdorf Audio, Denmark. Projects: Concept proposals, Design and development, sketch modelling, artwork for production and insturction manuals illustrations. I have worked with Peter Lyngdorf and his development team for a number of years, initially with Tact Audio and later Steinwaylyngdorf.
Process: Working with the team in Skive Denmark, I created design concepts, research, user interaction maps, 3DCAD data and renderings to evalute ideas and concepts. Some of these concepts made it all the way to production and can be seen on the following pages. Above is one of these concepts, called 'Lyngdorf Console' it is a fully featured AV entertainment system.
Results: Lyngdorf Audio continues to provide leading edge digital amplifiers and consumer electronics. Much of the work I have produced is embeded in Lyngdorf Audio's products, through the silkscreen artwork, instruction manual drawings and so on. Danish design is very light and natural and I have long been a fan, it's only when you have this intention that you create such elegance.
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