Welcome, Merrington Design is a Product Design Consultancy specialising in the creation of high quality products. Product and Industrial Design can be loosely be defined as where Art and design meets mechanical engineering. Merrington design was founded in 2000 creates product design that's tailor made for companies, entrepreneurs and brand owners interested in selling design that shouts out joy, abundance, positive energy, passion, enthusiasm, compassion, ease of use, and wonderful experiences.
Client: NAD Electronics International, North America. Project: The Masters Series, high-qulaity Audio Visual consumer electronics. This project spanned two years in development. and the range continues to grow.
Process: I design with NEI's brand DNA and customer user experience at the top of the agenda. I work closely with NAD's Engineers in Canada and Hong Kong to create the most compelling Industrial Design possible.
Results: In production since 2006 the Masters Series is still growing. NAD benefitted from a bold increase in sales throughout the World. And the Masters Series saw NAD attract much attention for it's beatiful, classic and refined design. Merrington has worked for NAD since 1995 as both a freelance designer and inhouse.
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