Welcome, Merrington Design is a Product Design Consultancy specialising in the creation of high quality products. Product and Industrial Design can be loosely be defined as where Art and design meets mechanical engineering. Merrington design was founded in 2000 creates product design that's tailor made for companies, entrepreneurs and brand owners interested in selling design that shouts out joy, abundance, positive energy, passion, enthusiasm, compassion, ease of use, and wonderful experiences.
Client: Synapse Creative/Premium Factory Ltd. Project: Pedometer for Kelloggs Special K off-pack promotion.
Services: Concept sketches, Design development, proportions designed using the golden ratio, 3DCAD & photoreal rendering. Designed to embody the Special K brand language.
Results: Campaign led by promotion on 11 million packs, 669,534 consumers took up the 10,000 step challenge using the Pedometer. Rolled out to 10 markets across the World. Established Special K as the UK’s number one breakfast cereal.
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