Welcome, Merrington Design is a Product Design Consultancy specialising in the creation of high quality products. Product and Industrial Design can be loosely be defined as where Art and design meets mechanical engineering. Merrington design was founded in 2000 creates product design that's tailor made for companies, entrepreneurs and brand owners interested in selling design that shouts out joy, abundance, positive energy, passion, enthusiasm, compassion, ease of use, and wonderful experiences.

Stage 1: Initial Meeting & Briefing.

Projects varey greatly but as a general intro I start with a project brief from you, and then if required I will conduct product research and market viability, we can put an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in place and direct you towards a Patent Attorney if required. I can advise on Design Registration, protecting you IP, research, market acceptance, viability and a professional prototype. These are essential to a product's success. Your project brief is your clear intention to achieve your project aims and objectives. I will also set a time schedule for completion and outline costs involved.


Stage 2: Concept Creation.

I will create a variety of ideas and sketches that make your product look amazing and solve practical solutions that work in the real world of design, engineering and production. As a consultant I provide design direction for your brand and product range. I design from the heart with a clear intention to create the most suitable solutions. I use principles and methods to create compelling design solutions that consumers will want to buy. An example of this is application of the Golden Ratio, product's designed to the proportions of the Golden Ratio have been proven to be more popular with consumers. The Apple iPod is one such example. I used this ratio to great success for the NAD Masters Series, creating a range of products that have a timeless classical look and feel.


Stage 3: Concept Development, 3DCAD and Rendering to create photoreal visuals.

Concept development is about testing concepts using sketch models made from foam and board, 3DCAD and animation. I can develop your product in 3DCAD to show you how it will look, and more importantly to draw the dimensional data ready for stage 4. This can be rendered to create stunning photo real visuals using the latest rendering technology to evaluate the designs for consumer, distribution, marketing, manufacture and sales purposes. I use both parametric and direct modelling to create solid and surface 3DCAD. I can create beautifully refined G2 continuious surfaces for your product.


Stage 4: 3DCAD Design for Prototyping, modelmaking, Engineering and Manufacture.

I am qualified and expereinced in getting products made, this involves the stages above, and engineering for manufacture. Recently I was asked by a Medical product manufacturer to perform a value anaylsis and complete redesign of a complex device. The results were a reduction of 28 parts in the assembly. A positive impact for the client, reducing costs and manufacturing complexity while also improving product performance. I have access to some of the best model makers in the business through www.synapse-point7.com and I have close links with rapid prototypers for SLA, SLS, vacuum casting, Thermo Jet, FDM etc.


Stage 5: Production support, evaluation, communication and presentation.

Once your product range has been designed you need to prepare all the relevant information like design guidelines, style guides and documentation for production and QC. I work with www.stargroup.net.cn for licencing, sourcing and manufacture.

Typical costs involved for tooling for injection moulding range from a few thousand pounds to tens of thousands of pounds or dollars.


Project support work:

Structural packaging and carton design

Graphic design for print, media, marketing and web.

Illustrations for product instruction manuals and technical drawings.

Graphical User Interface GUI.

I can provide a semiotic anaylsis of your product and brand, semiotics in the branch of semantics that deals with the qualitative characteristics of your brand/product and it's connotive communication.

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